Facilitator Exercise Pack (laminated)


The Untying the Knots of the Heart discipleship experience has nine exercises that require printed support material. This pack is perfect for those who don’t want to or can’t print the required 94 pages and 47 color photos themselves. 

This pack includes 94 laminated pages and 47 laminated color photos. Digital versions of all exercise files are available to facilitators for free in our Facilitator Center. 

See below for a list of everything that is included.

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Here’s what is included in the exercise pack:

  • Lesson 3: Culture Identification Exercise (10 sheets)
  • Lesson 8: God the Father Images Exercise (23 images)
  • Lesson 9: Religious Confusion Matching Exercise (28 cards) & God the Son Images Exercise (24 images)
  • Lesson 10: Trinity Exercise (3 sheets)
  • Lesson 11: Identity Identification Exercise (9 sheets)
  • Lesson 12: Identity Truths Identification Exercise (16 sheets)
  • Lesson 13: Emotion Identification Exercise (19 sheets)
  • Lesson 21: Boundaries Exercise (28 sheets)

Note: These are sold at cost and assembled by volunteers to save you time and money on printing & laminating.